The prestigious St. Petersburg Festival Ballet presents the full spectrum of the "Russian classical ballet school":

Strict classical elegance combined with modernist and 21st century influences, i.e. dance performance to perfection, all with sumptuous costumes and sets of truly royal splendor.

This season, the Saint Petersburg Festival Ballet presents some very special gems of ballet literature:



  • "Graceful and very classy! The applause was indescribable!"

    Taunus Zeitung (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

    German Magazine
    "Elegant and generous! Like something out of a picture book... Each new act of the show was even more extraordinary than the last..."

    Munchener Abendzeitung (Munich, Germany)

    German Magazine
    "Congratulations for this next level dance performance from Russia!"

    Wochenblatt Stuttgart (Allemagne)

    German Magazine
  • "It is a real pleasure to discover the aesthetic purity, the refined technique and the harmony of the Saint Petersburg Festival Ballet". (Madrid, Spain)

    Spanish Magazine
    "From perfect dance and choreography to fantastic light control - St. Petersburg Festval Ballet inspires the audience"

    Franken Nürnberg (Germany)

    German Magazine
    "Nostalgic and brilliant!"

    DWZ Hannover (Germany)

    German Magazine
  • "The performance of the highest level! Indescribable applause for the St. Petersburg Festival-Ballet!"

    TZ (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

    German Magazine
    "A world-class ballet, perfectly equipped, brilliantly staged and technically perfect, beautiful to watch, a real visual delight".

    Soest Gazette (Germany)

    German Magazine
    "This Swan Lake is a blockbuster!!!"

    Die Abendzeitung München (Germany)

    German Magazine


In total, the St. Petersburg Festival Ballet includes 42 dancers, all of whom are graduates of renowned Russian ballet schools: the Waganowa Academy in St. Petersburg, the Moscow Academy of Choreography, the Ufa Ballet School (which also has Rudolf Nurejev, probably the best contemporary dancer, as a graduate) and the Perm Ballet Academy. All of the dancers have worked at leading ballet theaters in Russia and have won numerous awards at international ballet festivals and competitions. Together with the St. Petersburg Festival Ballet they form one of the best ballet companies in terms of aesthetics and technique not only in Russia, but in the whole world.

The ballet ensemble "Saint Petersburg Festival Ballet" was founded in 2009. Thus, the long-awaited dream has become reality. The team of professionals has always wanted to bring together talented and ambitious young artists of St. Petersburg. The team's goal is to present the best of traditional Russian ballet art to classical ballet lovers from here and abroad, to introduce new names and to help young new Russian talents to reveal their full potential. The St. Petersburg Festival Ballet has since performed on the world's best stages, touring for 5 to 6 months a year.
The Swan Lake
The Swan Lake


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