Experience the Magic of the 
International Festival Ballet
Step into the world of sublime elegance and breathtaking artistry as the prestigious International Ballet Festival brings you the full grandeur of the “Russian Classical Ballet School.”
Witness a captivating blend of austere classical precision and modern 21st-century influences, where every performance is a dance perfected to the finest detail. Marvel at the luxurious costumes and opulent sets that exude royal splendor, transporting you to a realm of pure enchantment.
This season, the International Ballet Festival proudly presents a selection of the most exquisite gems from ballet literature, offering a truly unforgettable experience.

Join us in Norway
Steinkjer, Onsdag 20. November
19.00 Hovedscenen
Steinkjer, Tirsdag 19. November 19.00 Hovedscenen
Sogndal, Fredag 22. November
19.00 Kulturhus
Sogndal, Laurdag 23. November 19.00 Kulturhus
Sogndal, Laurdag 23. November 
15.00 Kulturhus