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Vysoce ceněný International Festival Ballet s hrdostí představuje podstatu "Klasické baletní školy" ve všech jejích oslavných obrysech.

Nepřekonatelná klasická elegence provázaná s moderními vlivy a inspirací 21. století, přináší bezchybné taneční vystoupení, které prostupuje dokonalostí. Vše je doplněno dech beroucími kostýmy a scenérií nezapomenutelné královské nádherou.

V této sezóně nternational Festival Ballet představuje výběr mimořádných baletních mistrovských děl, která jistě uchvátí srdce a duše našich diváků.

The Swan Lake

Sleeping Beauty



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  • "Graceful and very classy! The applause was indescribable!"

    Taunus Zeitung (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

    German Magazine
    "Elegant and generous! Like something out of a picture book... Each new act of the show was even more extraordinary than the last..."

    Munchener Abendzeitung (Munich, Germany)

    German Magazine
    "Congratulations for this next level dance performance from Ger!"

    Wochenblatt Stuttgart (Allemagne)

    German Magazine
  • "It is a real pleasure to discover the aesthetic purity, the refined technique and the harmony of the International. Festival Ballet".

    Danzateatro.es (Madrid, Spain)

    Spanish Magazine
    "From perfect dance and choreography to fantastic light control - International Festval Ballet inspires the audience"

    Franken Nürnberg (Germany)

    German Magazine
    "Nostalgic and brilliant!"

    DWZ Hannover (Germany)

    German Magazine
  • "The performance of the highest level! Indescribable applause for the International Festival Ballet!"

    TZ (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

    German Magazine
    "A world-class ballet, perfectly equipped, brilliantly staged and technically perfect, beautiful to watch, a real visual delight".

    Soest Gazette (Germany)

    German Magazine
    "This Swan Lake is a blockbuster!!!"

    Die Abendzeitung München (Germany)

    German Magazine


The International Festival Ballet is an international ballet company that transcends national boundaries and embodies the values of understanding and coexistence through the artistry of dance, music, and art. Since the outbreak of the war, the artists have expressed their opposition to Russian aggression through numerous protest actions before each performance. As a result, they have also become targets of threats from Russia. The team, which includes a significant number of Ukrainian dancers, naturally sees itself as a ballet of peace and unity among all people.

From an artistic standpoint, the ballet represents the purest form of the Russian school of classical ballet. It combines rigorous elegance with modern and 21st-century influences, resulting in a high-quality dance performance accompanied by magnificent costumes and extravagant sets.

Classical ballet has a rich tradition in Russia that continues to be celebrated today. The country has produced numerous acclaimed prima ballerinas, dancers, and choreographers. The renowned Russian ballet schools are known for their high standards and discipline, while their students are recognized for their drive to perform, ambition, and immense talent.

The 42 dancers of the International Festival Ballet have all undergone rigorous training in these esteemed institutions, such as the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, the Moscow Academy of Choreography, the State Academy of Choreography in Kiev, the Ufa Ballet School, and the Perm Ballet Academy. They have all honed their skills and expertise while working in the prominent ballet theaters of Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. Their exceptional talent has been recognized through numerous awards at international ballet festivals and competitions.

Together, they have established the International Festival Ballet as one of the most prestigious and accomplished ballet companies not only in Eastern Europe but also globally. Beyond their impeccable dance technique, this esteemed ballet company stands out for its harmonious and unified artistic vision, as well as its elegant and effortless grace. The International Festival Ballet captivates audiences with flawless performances that leave them breathless.

Founded in 2009, the ballet ensemble, known as the International Festival Ballet, fulfills a long-awaited dream. The team of professionals has always sought to bring together talented and ambitious young artists. Their goal is to present the finest examples of traditional ballet art to audiences both locally and internationally, as well as to introduce new talents and nurture their potential. The International Festival Ballet has graced the world's most prestigious stages, embarking on tours that span 5 to 6 months each year.
The Swan Lake show.
The Swan Lake show.


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